26 Feb

Don’t Be Afraid to Micro-Specialize

There are a lot of marketing truths that seem to fight against human nature. When a lot of new marketers and business owners try to advertise, get the word out, and build authority in their niche, they think about the big picture all at once. When they create ads, they make the mistake of trying to blast their message to everyone.


The reality is, 90% of new online businesses go under. One of the biggest reasons why include trying to do too much and being everything to everyone. You’re going to waste money throwing a handful of spaghetti at the wall and hoping some of it sticks. The only way to set yourself apart is by narrowing down your niche and your speciality.


Don’t Be a Jack-of-all-Trades


One of the fastest ways to become an industry leader is by choosing a niche and sticking with it.  You might think it’s an obvious statement, but you’d be surprised by how many people are either stuck and don’t know where to begin or work in general terms, not really choosing one niche, but many.   

You can’t be an authority figure in a single market if you consider yourself a jack-of-all-trades.  Dabbling in multiple markets makes sure you stay mediocre because your attention is diverted to different projects at once.  Instead, focus on one project and stick with it.  Not only does it make things simpler for you, you can get a faster start building from the ground up.

Education-Based Marketing

As we attempt to be the best, we often see everyone else as competition, as if there’s only room for one at the top. This is a very cold way of getting things done, as you’re missing out on greater opportunities to reach out and build a community.  Our world is changing.  As we become more globalist in the way we live and do business, it’s no longer feasible to cut anyone out.  Your greatest consumers may very well be your competition.    

The internet has also changed the way we do sales.  Consumers expect immediate access in this digital-driven age.  If you have no way of building trust, you’re not going to get far.  Education-based marketing builds trust quicker than someone who uses traditional marketing.  Rather than using the same tired sales pitches, use blogs, books, and other types of content to educate and give the type of information to help buyers make the right decision.

You can then use this educational-based content and get it published in various outlets.  If you can tell your customers that you’re a published author in the field of marketing, or that you’ve had an article you wrote featured in a top magazine, you have instant authority.  They will feel like they can trust you and are more eager to open their wallet over someone with no content to share at all.


Doing One Thing Really Well


Think about restaurants for a moment. The local pizza shop also sells burgers on the cheap. If you really want a great burger, do you go to those guys, or the actual burger shop down the road that’s a bit more expensive? You know exactly who to go to if you want a great burger. The pizza shop who tries to do everything most likely doesn’t even have the best pizza.


That’s because they’re focused on trying to do too much. They don’t put out the best product and shouldn’t be considered a leader in the industry. They might make a few bucks on their cheap burgers, but they won’t be the company you think about when you’re really craving a juicy cheeseburger.


Your business works the same way. By creating educational-based marketing and focusing on that one area of expertise, you can be the ‘go-to’ business your customers flock to. They’re eager to learn and improve their lives, so no matter what you do, they’ll come running back, willing to open their wallets again and again.


Carve out a specific niche and start from there.

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