10 Jul

The Technology Revolution

For the most part, technology hasn’t changed the way humans have lived for most of our history on this planet. Think about it for a second. For thousands of years, what mode of transportation have our ancestors shared? Horses. Wagons. It wasn’t until 1885 when Karl Benz invented the...

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20 Apr

Tips for Building Authority with Your Website

Let’s start by talking about why you need a website in the first place. Your website is your home base. If you were opening a law firm, you wouldn’t meet clients on a street corner or in your backyard. It wouldn’t be professional. The same goes for being an...

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Authority Content

26 Feb

The Importance of Gaining Authority In your Industry

Anyone who has ever decided to start their own business knows how difficult it can be to break through the noise and reach the top of their chosen industry.  In some circumstances, it can even seem impossible.  How do you reach your market with a blog when there are...

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