10 Jul

The Technology Revolution

For the most part, technology hasn’t changed the way humans have lived for most of our history on this planet. Think about it for a second. For thousands of years, what mode of transportation have our ancestors shared? Horses. Wagons. It wasn’t until 1885 when Karl Benz invented the first car. Look at how far we’ve come just in the last 100+ years.

In 1914, if you wanted to travel to Asia from the United States, it would’ve taken you 40 days. Now, we have supersonic jets that will cross the Pacific in about 14 hours. As of this writing, they are currently researching and building jets that can take you from New York to London in about 20 minutes.

Travel is just the beginning. Think about all the advancements in medicine, hygiene, genetics, vaccines, food, surgical care, housing, consumer products, buying and selling, radio, TV, video games, electricity, heat/air conditioning, refrigeration, telephones, space travel, cameras, and computers. These are all relatively new advancements that have changed the course of human history forever.

These advances haven’t only impacted the way we live and how we entertain ourselves, but it also changed the business world forever. Thanks to the internet, we’re now a highly-connected species. Who would’ve ever imagined having the ability to video chat with someone instantly who lived on the other side of the planet?

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook, boasts having connected nearly 2 billion people with his platform. That’s 2 billion people who are spread out across the globe, but thanks to the internet, they might as well be in the next room. This type of connectivity has allowed for major changes in how we do business.

Consider that for thousands of years, up until about 15-20 years ago, the strongest industries were involved in natural resources, like coal, oil, wood, and mining. Suddenly, the internet goes commercial, connecting the world, and changing how companies compete globally. The top companies in the world are now tech giants, like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook.

CEOs now make billions on ideas, instead of commodities.

As the world continues to get smaller, we are becoming more of a melting pot. Cultures are mixing, as are languages and lifestyles. When you have a variety of different people and languages living in one area, it can complicate the infrastructure of government, business, schools, and even the economy

As a budding entrepreneur, the secret to success is tapping into this resource and knowing how to use technology to your advantage. There’s no other medium where you can reach across the globe and advertise your products to millions than social media. You’ll have to learn about demographics, scaling ads, and how to reach an audience.

If you want your website to get traffic, you’ll need to know how to utilize SEO in your content. You’ll need to design a website that’s fast, efficient, and catches the eye.

The toughest part for new online entrepreneurs to understand is how quickly the tech is changing. It seems as if new stuff comes out every other day. If you struggle with keeping up, or you have no idea where to start, you have two options:

1) Take several years and try to figure it out yourself.
2) Find a company who already knows how to do it and hire them.

Agencies like Pub Club Leads are experts helping people get on the right track right out of the gate. The last thing you want to do is start your business already behind. It costs new entrepreneurs several years and many thousands of dollars’ worth of failed attempts before they get a grasp on what they’re doing.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, your best bet is to ask for help. It doesn’t matter if you need a little bit of help, or a lot of it. All it takes is a single wrongly-worded ad to keep your sales down.

The technology revolution isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Right now is the perfect time to pursue that business idea, but don’t do it alone. Let Pub Club Leads guide you through the process and give you the edge you need to outsmart your competitors and make the kind of money you always dreamed you’d make working from home.

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