Marketing Secrets

12 Feb

The Secret to Successful Marketing

Marketing is essential. If people don’t know you exist, how can find you?  And if they can’t find you, you’re simply not making the sales you need to be successful.  While some marketing will offer results, the right kind of marketing can be the difference between mediocre sales and...

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B2B Marketing Google Adwords

07 Dec

When Do You Advertise on Adwords for B2B Marketing?

I see this not only requested by certain clients, but also asked by many marketers this question. The quick answer is – NO! Marketing for search advertising on Adwords will rarely if at all for another business to find yours. There are other means to advertise to assist in...

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Landing Page PPC

29 Nov

How Landing Pages Effect Paid Search Performance

One of the most discussed about topics and questions I am asked quite frequently is about landing pages and how it effects their paid search performance. 1. Outdated Landing Page. The most issue I normally see with poor performance pages is the coding and outdated the page can be....

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27 Nov

Best Time To Advertise For Holidays – Adwords

Now more than ever has become the best time to start advertising products on Google Adwords! Google has taken the approach of adding a newer model by expanding more information on certain products, pricing, and specs. Even with Google’s new shopping mobile experience has seen an increase in sales...

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Tow Truck PPC

15 Nov

Tow Truck Paid Search is Skyrocketing!

Hey guys it’s the middle of the week and I wanted to discuss some important paid search opportunities that you can find yourself in! We have recently been working with majority of tow truck owners and have seen a significant success – so much that we here at Pub...

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Paid Search Mistakes

14 Nov

Top Mistakes In Adwords Accounts.

Hey everyone it’s Alex with Pub Club Leads! I wanted to discuss some of the most common mistakes I see when diving into AdWords accounts. Hopefully this article will allow you to ensure not to make the same mistake, or consider this a checklist for your account structure.  ...

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