19 Jan

4 Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Conversions

No matter what you sell at your Ecommerce store, it’s a safe bet you’re constantly searching for new ways to improve sales.  It may seem like a constant work-in-progress with sluggish growth, leaving you discover new ways to improve your conversion rates.  But because there are numerous factors that impact conversions, it’s not always an easy proposition.

In this article we will investigate several proven methods that can help you get your numbers up and put more money in your pocket.   

1) Use images.  Humans are visual creatures.  If they’re going to buy something from you, they’ll want to see exactly what they’re buying.  And it’s not about just slapping any old picture up either.  In fact, 67% of consumers believe that it’s ‘very important’ for them to see a quality image of a product before they buy it.   

To show you how important a quality image is to the consumer, that 67% is higher than customer reviews/ratings, which is at 53%, a good description at 54%, and even the product information itself at 63%.  That goes to show that people would rather see a product with their own eyes than read about it, as words can be deceptive or be written cleverly.

It makes sense.  When reading a product description, you’re relying solely on imagination.  A good-quality image reveals so much more.  So if you want to make a bigger impact and initiate more sales, add several pictures from different angles.  Maybe even make them zoom-able.

2) Product descriptions are still important.  Yes, customers want to see the images, but having a product description to go along with high-quality images can make all the difference.  The key is to give your customers as much information as possible so they can make an informed choice on what’s right for them.   

This goes without saying, but be descriptive, honest, relevant, and concise.  Get their curiosity buzzing.   

3) Create a video.  If you think photos and descriptions are powerful, you haven’t seen anything yet.  I have several amazing statistics regarding video that may leave you wondering why you never posted videos before.   

-Videos build trust.  58% of consumers believe that companies who have a video of their product are more trustworthy than those who don’t.

-The word ‘video’ appears in about 14% of ALL internet search results.  That means people want to see a video before they buy.

-This is a really big one: 73% more people will buy if they see a product video.  Yes, you read that correctly.  73%!   

These numbers are heightened because a video allows a potential customer to do more than just look at a picture or read a description.  They get to watch the product in its natural habitat, which is the closest they will come to being able to touch it themselves before deciding to buy.  Of course not every business is ready to shoot and display a ton of videos, but consider it for high-ticket items or those you really want to get rid of, but sales might be sluggish.

4) Get rid of shipping costs.  A study was conducted that revealed the number one reason why 44% of potential customers abandoned the sale: shipping and handling costs.  Another retail study revealed that nine out of ten people surveyed considered ‘free shipping’ as the greatest incentive for them to keep buying.  93% said they would buy more online products.

The main reason cited for these statistics has to do with one amount displayed on the screen, then when they go to checkout, an additional amount is added.  It can be frustrating to be surprised with extra costs.  To combat this issue, it’s best to either offer a flat fee or mention up front the costs associated with the item so there’s no shock at the checkout line.

These are just a handful of ways to improve your ecommerce conversion rates.  It’s always best to experiment with different options to find what works best for you.


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