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15 Nov

Tow Truck Paid Search is Skyrocketing!

Hey guys it’s the middle of the week and I wanted to discuss some important paid search opportunities that you can find yourself in! We have recently been working with majority of tow truck owners and have seen a significant success – so much that we here at Pub Club Leads are willing to take on your account and show you how to get tows using Adwords for FREE!

So if you know any tow truck companies or own one yourself, sign up! What have you got to lose? We’ll pay the first $100 of advertisement to prove to you this works! No AAA or insurance calls, all people looking for roadside assistance etc.


So let’s discuss the opportunities for anyone taking on clients of this vertical. The right way to structure the campaign and make it a success is going to be the click to call only for the campaign. This will work mainly because the user will be mobile and also in a stressful situation looking to call immediately to have relief. In addition this works well as some users prefer to “shop” around, but in this situation they tend to go with the first call quoted just to fix the problem.

You want to run in addition negative keywords associate to your campaign and structure accordingly such as “aaa”, “geico”, “all state”, and so forth. In addition you want your ad to have some call to action with perhaps inclusion of “24/7” or even some pricing included for better CTR’s!

Depending on your campaign you also need to select radius areas that each company services too. Perhaps some do more of the long distance towing which can be a vertical in its self! So hope this quick information helps and receiving calls at a cost of around no more than $6 each! We are currently doing quite the bit of volume in areas in the northern region due to the snow and accidents to be caused higher. Best of luck guys!

P.S. Tell me which verticals or campaigns you perhaps are keeping you stumped? Love to bring up an article about something the users would prefer! Thanks!

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