17 Jan

Google Cutting the Cord on Ad Review Extensions

We know Google is always playing around with their algorithm to keep the search engine giant as user friendly as possible. Back in 2013, they created what are called review extensions on their ads to help consumers not just see an ad, but actual reviews from other customers as well. If you’ve fall in love with this feature, I’m sorry to break your heart.

Google plans to remove review extensions from their lineup sometime in February 2018. The reviews were quotes from the consumer that could be manually entered for new potential customers to see. The idea was a good one, except for the fact it was difficult to get the review approved.

When you make a process difficult and ads often got rejected due to the extension, it’s going to make that feature unable to be adopted by the mass market. It’s just another good idea on paper that wasn’t executed properly. Since it wasn’t widely adopted, it means this change shouldn’t affect most advertisers.

If you heavily relied on using this feature, be sure to take the time to download your historical data and save it for later. It’s quite possible that Google institutes a new review extension to ads soon, but one that is easier to use without the complications that killed this version. Whatever it takes to make their users happy, Google is willing to try.

What do you think about the change? Did your ads heavily rely on this extension?

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