Pub Club Leads Direct Mail

06 Nov

Direct Mail

11/6/2018 – Pub Club Leads, a world leader in ROI leads delivery, is expanding its services to include direct mail. While a lot of the focus in recent times has shifted to a more digital approach, Pub Club Leads wants to provide the whole package to their customers.

Direct mail is still one of the best ways to reach out and introduce your business to your audience. According to statistics, direct mail recipients end up spending 28% more than customers who didn’t. Those are impressive statistics!

Direct mail works because it’s personal and allows business owners to target their perfect audience. Everyone loves to receive mail, especially if it’s relevant to them and it has a message they care about. Great marketing is about reaching the right audience with the right offer. Direct mail through Pub Club Leads does just that.

Pub Club Leads has taken the process of direct mailers and streamlined it based on the latest data. We know what works and will ensure that each order will be properly tracked and the information analyzed to improve the already generous open rates.

Currently, the industry average open rate is 0.5%, but we guarantee we can beat that number over time. The magic number is 1% and we have the ability to get you there. All we ask is the opportunity to prove the Pub Club Leads difference!

Pub Club has been successfully delivering leads for years that have improved number across the board. While our track record speaks for itself, we understand you might not be comfortable sending your entire direct mail budget to us. You can still give us a try with one-half or even one-fourth of your budget to see the Pub Club Leads difference for yourself.

Our streamlined and robust platform is competitively prices, offering only the highest response rate. Check out our Q&A below:

Q. What debt balances do you use for mailers?
A. All our mailers are rounded to either $15k for balances between $10 – $20k

Balances between $20k – $35k we round to $40k on the check
Anything with a balance of $35k+ will get a $80k check

Q. What’s your CPA and conversions for debt and student loan mailers?
A. Debt CPA is below $500 typically, conversions at 15% or more.
Student Loan CPA is below $200 typically and they convert at 20-25% or more.

Q. How many pieces should I start with on my first drop?
A. We’ve done a ton of A/B testing when it comes to proofs and data parameters.

We can help you with analytics to find that sweet spot (usually 3-5k pieces per rep), refine your state lookup, search parameters because data is so scarce.

Q. Do you resell data?
A. We do not re-sell your data, nor do we append it unless you tell us to, your data is yours to use.