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13 Jul

Optimization, Fault-Finding, and Scaling Your Ads


It’s one thing to create an ad and start advertising on Facebook, but it’s something else entirely to track all the numbers you get in return and apply it for the ultimate success of your business.  The numbers might not match the goals you had in mind. Or maybe those goals have changed. What do you do now?

Well, every advertising campaign will need to be tweaked at some point.  Rarely does anyone get it right the very first time, especially when they’re first starting and aren’t too familiar with their audience yet.  You can make some wild (or even educated) guesses, but you won’t truly know how the market will react until you’re out there in the thick of it.  

You’re not going to become a millionaire overnight, so even if your ads are running smoothly, there’s room for improvement.  You’re going to have to optimize your campaign and scale your ads. First, let’s take a look at ways you can better define your objectives to create the best plan possible.

What Are Your Goals?

Optimizing your ads doesn’t start after you’ve already created them, but before.  You need a good targeting strategy and goals planned beforehand. How will you know if the ads are performing well if you don’t have your goals mapped out?  This is your only measure of success.

You also need to understand what Facebook is. It’s a social networking site.  When people jump on Facebook, they’re doing it interact with friends and hang out.  They hop on to relax and clear the mind after a long day. That’s why it’s difficult to sell products and can involve some complex processes.  

With Facebook being committed to sharing only user-relevant content, you need to find a way to brand yourself in a way that’s relevant to potential customers.  Do you advertise in ways that fit neatly on their Newsfeed? Is your content organic? This will ultimately matter as you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb.

The goal when it comes to advertising on Facebook is brand awareness.  Facebook isn’t great with direct sales. It will take time, targeting, and energy as you develop relationships with your potential customers.  To get any kind of traction on Facebook, you must be content-driven. Most products or services are ‘discovered’ on Facebook through content.

Split Testing

As you spend time and money working out your ad campaigns, your job isn’t done.  The most recommended method to determining what works and what doesn’t is by split-testing.  Split testing (or A/B testing) is a way to determine what graphics, copy, imagines, headlines, and call-to-actions drive more of your targeted audience to convert.  

It’s impossible to know off hand which ads will work.  You can have all the right stuff together, but if the call-to-action needs more work or there’s an off word, that creates a snag in the reader’s mind.  By split testing, you will get to uncover the ads and designs that best work with your demographic. This is why the road to successful Facebook campaigning is a complex one.

Catchy Images

Humans are visual creatures.  As a person scrolls down their newsfeed, your ad is competing with hundreds of different posts, images, graphics, and videos.  It can be so jam-packed with content that their eyes never even find your ad. Or they see it, but they see something else that grabs their attention even more, so they click on the other thing and forget about your content completely.

The best way to ensure you have a catchy image that grab’s the user’s attention is the process of creating buyer personas.  Write down a persona for every type of person who might want to buy from you. If you have a persona mapped out, you will see that there are so many different types of people, who are interested in different things, but might have in common one thing: your product or service.  

Fault Finding and Scaling

There will come a time when you have to scale your Facebook ads.  And it can be a challenging process. The way a lot of marketers handle scaling is to just throw more money at their ads, hoping to increase their broader reach.  Throwing more money into your ads rarely works because of the lack of proper targeting.

What you need is to breathe more life into your tired campaign.  This is necessary for your success, because no matter how awesome your ads are, if you don’t put them in front of the right eyes, they don’t do that well.  

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