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07 Dec

When Do You Advertise on Adwords for B2B Marketing?

I see this not only requested by certain clients, but also asked by many marketers this question. The quick answer is – NO! Marketing for search advertising on Adwords will rarely if at all for another business to find yours. There are other means to advertise to assist in better situations for the B2B market.

Now don’t get me wrong there are certain situations that it may be beneficial to advertise through search. Search Engine Land did a great recent example as to why this may be effective, B2B Practices. While this may have some good points, for most cases this still wouldn’t be the BEST option with your client’s money to advertise to another business.

One good example of an exception is funding and monies, like merchant cash advance. A lot of small businesses will search for funds needed for their business. In my experience with MCA this works quite well if you cross vertical it by people looking for business credit cards and explaining the benefits that MCA can be a more affordable route with a loan and lower interest.

So what’s the solution I propose?

Well simple start with looking into ways to advertise specifically to your audience. And most ways of doing so can be through either Google Display, Facebook Ads, even Native advertising. I cannot tell you how helpful it is to specifically target the users you are looking for (small business owners, CEO’s, manufacturers, etc.) and removing that initial wasteful spend without learning what is and isn’t working for your campaign. Many of our succesful B2B campaigns work primarily in these areas and have had a significant impact.

What’s the difference in B2B and B2C with Adwords and other marketing platforms?

Well aside from the obvious answer the initial biggest difference is understanding the KPI and ROAS goals. With B2B you can afford to receive a much higher cost on both than being a B2C market. And with that being a significant difference it allows to you identify and explore more. In addition majority of the budget that you are given will be a lot more with a B2B market – If it isn’t then RUN away and give the proper expectation to your potential client.

Perhaps you are having success with Adwords in your B2B market and plays an easier role than I am describing! I would love to know which!?

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